Gumleaf’s Wellington boots or “Wellies” are hand made in Europe using greater than 85% natural rubber. Unlike rubber mixed with plastics, the high natural rubber content makes these boots resilient to harsh environmental conditions and resistant to cracking even in extremes of temperatures. Neoprene lined boots provide below-zero warmth due to their 4mm thick stitched-in lining. Cotton lined boots provide comfort in warmer weather. Vented and zippered styles accommodate larger calves and make these boots easier to get in and out of, particularly for those with ankle inflection or range-of-motion problems. Best of all, the soles of our Gumleaf boots are designed with layers of insulation and air-cushioning under the heel and forefoot to provide all-day comfort. Whether you’re an equestrian, a hunter or fisherman, outdoorsmen or gardener, or just an incredibly practical person who want to be ready for whatever nature deals you, Gumleaf offers a boot that right for you and is incredibly comfortable!

Packaging says a lot about the quality of a product.   Gumleaf boots are packaged in a durable and stackable logo’d cardboard box.  Each boot contains an airbag to maintain the boots form during shipment and storage.  Boot pairs are then wrapped in paper and tucked away in the box for their journey across the Atlantic Ocean.   Bon voyage!!

Your feet will be happy, warm and dry in Gumleaf boots that are practical, durable and good-looking!

Interested in selling Gumleaf Wellies in the United States? Please contact us using the form provided on our Contact US page. We would love to hear from you!