Butler Outdoor Gear serves as the North American Agent and Distributor of Gumleaf boots.  Based in Upstate New York, we’re the first to bring these high-quality, European hand-made boots to the US and Canada.  After personally testing these boot over a nine month period, through polar-vortex cold and standing in near freezing Finger Lakes waters, Butler Outdoor Gear is both proud and excited to bring these “durable and comfortable rubber boots” to North America.    The quality of the product is immediately apparent as soon as you see, touch and try on a pair.  Other boots made by mixing plastics in with the rubber don’t offer the incredible soft, subtle feel of a Gumleaf boot made of 85% natural rubber.

Besides being attractive and made with a high content of natural material, Gumleaf boots are manufactured in a European factory using a carbon-neutral energy source.  Our Gumleaf boots come into the world from an environmentally-friendly source.  They are designed to be practical, comfortable and attractive.  Our children’s boot, the Kiddo, even incorporate a reflective patch in the heel for added safety of your child or grand-child.  At Butler Outdoor Gear, we’re proud to bring you well-designed products, made in a socially responsible manner.

Interested in selling the Gumleaf brand in the United States? Please contact us using the form provided on our Contact US page. We would love to hear from you!